The Top 5 Ways Content Marketing Builds Your Business rtmworld

The 5 Top Ways Content Marketing Builds Your Business

The 5 Top Ways Content Marketing Builds Your Business

Content marketing is the process of creating and sharing content online relevant to your brand, but not necessarily promoting your products or services explicitly. Here are the top 5 ways content marketing builds your business:

The Top 5 Ways Content Marketing Builds Your Business rtmworld

  1. Increase Brand Awareness

Use social media to increase your brand awareness. Publish regularly and engage with your audience to make it easy for the public to recognize your brand. Help them in their decision-making to buy from you.

A strong social media content strategy helps in increasing website traffic, building a loyal fan-base, generating leads, and also establishing a reliable customer service portal. This in turn builds your brand, making you more trustworthy and reliable in the public eye.

  1. Enhance Online Visibility

What’s the first step you take when you want to buy something online? You use one of the numerous search engines like Google or Bing to search for the product (or service) you are looking for. Then you browse through the search results to make a purchase. Right?

Well, that’s pretty much true for most people on this planet! So for good online visibility, you need to get your web pages listed among the search results for the relevant key phrases, and that’s where content marketing comes into play.

Blogging is another content marketing strategy you can utilize on your website. The more you post (in the right manner), the better your chances are to feature on big search engines for particular key phrases. This increases website traffic, and improves your chances of lead conversion, thus improving sales.

  1. Build your customer base online using lead generation

Whether it’s social media or blogging, you can build your customer base successfully. And if your content is really good, there’s always the possibility of going viral and getting syndicated at the right places to boost your content marketing mechanisms like landing pages, pop-ups, downloads, lead magnets, and so on even further.

The more people you grab from these mechanisms onto your email list, the better are your chances of lead conversion, thus improving sales, again.

  1. Be more “human” – build relationships with your audience

Wouldn’t you rather talk to someone before buying something online?

Most people feel this way, but not all businesses can afford to be online at the same time as their prospective customers. So the use of content marketing strategies, namely social media marketing, can build your brand personality and help you become more “human” instead of just being a business.

You can utilize chat bots, or simply reply and engage with your audience as and when needed to become someone your audience can rely on.

  1. Establish Thought Leadership

This is a biggie!

Once you start building your brand awareness online with your content—through blogs, social media posts, videos, infographics, webinars, etc.—you have to realize you are building the personality of your brand based on your “voice.” Your voice can gradually become the voice of the industry as you start delving into topics related to your industry, highlighting common issues and sharing possible solutions, or simply reporting the current trends/news in the industry. You are establishing yourself as a thought leader—an expert in your field—who is the “go-to guy” for your audience to know, like and trust.

This “expert” status gives more credence and authenticity to your products as well because people want good value for their money, so why not buy from the expert?

Over to you…

Whether you are a brick and mortar or virtual business you need content marketing to drive your business for more sales, and therefore, more success. Are you using any of the content marketing strategies mentioned above?


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