Top 4 Elements to plan your Digital Marketing Strategy

Top 4 Elements to Plan Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Top 4 Elements to Plan Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing is the umbrella term for any type of online marketing efforts you employ to promote your brand online. But you can’t just start posting or blogging online. You need a plan: a Digital Marketing Strategy.

Top 4 Elements to plan your Digital Marketing Strategy rtmworld

And here are the top 4 elements to plan your digital marketing strategy:

  1. Your Online Value Proposition

What is it that sets you apart from your competition?

Most companies ignore to define their value proposition, and that’s where the damage starts. Don’t leave it to luck to get picked up by a consumer. Instead, take the power to get chosen every time anyone needs your products. To do that, start by defining your online value proposition.

Eg. Evernote tells the ‘what’ and ‘how’ along with the features/benefits of using it – great example of a powerful online value proposition! It compels you to try it at least once!

  1. Your Target Audience

You’re manufacturing printing products, so you’re pitching to everyone, under the false assumption that everyone needs printing products. Instead it should the ones with the purchasing power who you should be targeting.

Knowing your target audience is key to the success of your online marketing efforts, so define your target audience, research it, and plan your strategy accordingly.

  1. Your Industry

So you’re in the printing industry, but which category do you specifically belong to? Knowing the right category of your industry helps you plan a digital marketing strategy that boosts you as a leader in that category of the industry.

Also, when you know the right category, it helps to define your target audience much easily.

  1. Collaboration of Marketing Efforts

See how all these above elements are correlated? If done right, digital marketing can do wonders for your business. And by “right”, I mean all your marketing efforts should be collaborative. Your website, blogs, social media, and other digital channels need to be integrated. Your other teams should work in sync with your marketing team to effectively act and respond online for the success of your brand.

There can be more elements to consider when planning your digital marketing strategy, but get started with these top 4 elements first. As you progress and track your performance, you can tweak your digital marketing strategy accordingly.

My next post is about planning the online value proposition for your brand.


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