Biggest News Stories for October 2020

Biggest News Stories for October 2020

Biggest News Stories for October 2020

A cheaper new solution for those annoying HP firmware updates, a top 10 list of SOHO printers; and Canon being sued by a Japanese remanufacturer. These are among the top 10 printer and imaging supplies stories this month.

Biggest News Stories for October 2020RT Media published scores of news stories about printers and supplies during October 2020 and the top 10 most clicked on by the global industry have been identified. You can also watch the news broadcast that highlights the top 10 stories in October. The top 10 imaging news stories the industry clicked on most in September 2020, ranked from No #10 through to the No.#1 story:

Top 3 imaging news stories you clicked on most in September:

  • Canon to be Sued by Japanese Remanufacturer
    • A Japanese seller of refilled ink cartridges plans to sue Canon for changing specifications of cartridges for its home-use printers.
    • Ecorica is seeking 30 million yen in damages from Canon.
    • It claims the OEM is violating the Anti-Monopoly Law in Japan by trying to kill his competitively priced business that provides consumers with choice.
  • Top 10 Printers for SOHO Listed and Identified
    • HP has four, Canon has three, Brother has two and Xerox has one printer on the list of preferred printers most suited for use in small office or home office workplaces.
    • Cartridge World USA has assisted many thousands of people and businesses to cost-effectively print from home after having to abandon the aircraft carrier-sized copier that is on floor three of a building in which they are no longer working.
    • Based on the thousands of printer placements, Cartridge World provided RT Media with an exclusive listing of the best printers for SOHO environments.
  • Sunking Innovatively Wraps Up the HP Chip Problem
    • A more cost-effective method of dealing with annoying firmware updates on chips in HP printer cartridges has been delivered.
    • China-based Sunking claimed its brand new solution means you don’t need to replace the original OEM chip with an expensive compatible one.
    • Sunking said its chip-patching remanufacturing solution cannot infringe the patents of the OEMs because it uses the original OEM chip.
    • The chip-patching solution is not only IP-friendly, it is a significantly cheaper alternative to using compatible chips.

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