Print-Rite Pelikan Plans to Disrupt 41 More Countries

Print-Rite Pelikan Plans to Disrupt 41 More Countries

Print-Rite Pelikan Plans to Disrupt 41 More Countries

In just one week Print-Rite together with its licensed Pelikan brand announced new partnerships in the UK, Ireland, Africa and the Middle East.

Print-Rite Pelikan Plans to Disrupt 41 More CountriesIn an exclusive interview with RT Media’s David Gibbons, the Chief Executive of Print-Rite Pelikan Europe said he is determined to continue shaking up the supplies industry. Steve Weedon (pictured on the right) was appointed Chief Executive of Print-Rite Pelikan Europe just over a year ago. He said Print-Rite has had a history of disrupting the industry for almost 40 years.

Weedon said he has enquiries from distributors in 41 additional countries wanting to join the successful brand.

“My next 2021 project is to go more global,” Weedon told Gibbons. “I want to grow what we have already achieved, but on a global scale. It’s been cleared by our lawyers who say ‘go and get the business’ with the Pelikan branded consumables. We intend to get out there and meet with the best partners we can possibly find to work in those territories. We will show them how to make higher margins as we have now established here in Europe.”

Weedon reflected on the significant strength of Print-Rite’s war chest of patents that provides IP-safe solutions and Pelikan’s 182-year-old brand that is considered to be as strong as a printer OEM brand in terms of quality and reliability. Print-Rite is the owner of the Pelikan consumables global license.

Weedon claimed the newly launched Pelikan branded cartridge is the world’s first bio-based cartridge that is compliant with environmental standards in Europe and North America.

Pelikan Bio-based Printer Cartridge Sizzle Steve Weedon rtmworld Print-Rite Following 10 years of research and development, Print-Rite reached a 48 per cent bio ratio with the toner while also developing a bio-based plastic for the cartridge that has 57 per cent organic material content. “It literally ticks all the boxes for customers who follow their company ‘green’ policies to lower CO2 levels,” he added.

Weedon also revealed resellers and end-users that join the Pelikan brand Rewards Club can earn points on each product, including the new bio-based cartridge range. More information is available at

“I have to be passionate about what I am doing, or I just cannot do it,” Weedon confessed. He said he has to be into whatever he is doing 110%, or not at all.

You can watch the 9-minute interview to learn more about the higher margins and email Steve Weedon or Jason Doran, the General Manager Europe, Sales & Marketing, Print-Rite Europe Ltd.



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