Print-Rite Pelikan Signs Up Fighters

Print-Rite Pelikan Signs Up Fighters

Print-Rite Pelikan Signs Up Fighters

Print-Rite Pelikan Solutions announced that Henrik Montgomery (pictured right) joins the management team as Chief Finance Officer.

“Henrik joined us in March and has done a great job getting to grips with this industry”, says Steve Weedon CEO. “He has a lot of experience, gets involved, is a great communicator and has already made a significant contribution to our business.”

Henrik was born in Sweden, studied at Leeds and Bremen Universities, he has a passion for business and numbers and has held senior positions in finance and business controls and is CIMA qualified. Now Henrik is living in Hannover, Germany, the home of the Pelikan brand, 182 years old this year and recognised instantly by end-users worldwide.

“If you have a fighter jet you better get a good pilot, and we got the best,” says Steve Weedon (pictured left) CEO of Print-Rite PelikanPrint-Rite Pelikan Signs Up Fighters Solutions and Print-Rite Europe Limited, on the announcement Neil Collings joining the management team as SAP, IT Officer.

Neil is a 25-year veteran and expert of SAP, a software platform to organise and control large global businesses. Neil’s contribution to take the platform forward in a few short months has been at a break-neck pace that has improved customer service as well as provided state of the art inventory management controls and EDI customer connections. “We still have a lot to do and the emphasis is on customer services and great customer experiences,” says Collings.

Neil enjoys biking, and running and obviously Lycra as he is often seen wearing numerous colours of shorts and shirts in the office, however, he found time recently to hook up the SAP system to Synaxon AG systems as the two companies contracted to supply and distribute the Pelikan brand of Laser and Ink Jet products. Synaxon AG has 2616 resellers in their group based in Germany and follows the earlier business partnership with Synaxon UK.

For more information, Steve Weedon can be contacted at


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