Printing Prices Reduced Following PM's Orders Boris Johnson rtmworld

Printing Prices Reduced Following PM’s Orders to Stay Home

Printing Prices Reduced Following PM’s Orders to Stay Home

Some retailers are taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic, such as the pharmacies and supermarkets, particularly on high-demand items like hand cleansers and paracetamol.

One business in the UK, however, is reducing its prices to help people and organisations cope at this time of great need and uncertainty. MY Total Office Solutions specialises in printer and cloud-based telephone technology for schools and small to medium organisations.

Printing Prices Reduced Following PM's Orders Darren Turner rtmworldThe business’ owner, Darren Turner (pictured), quickly recognised a need for affordable printing, scanning and copying solutions for children being home-schooled, teachers and business employees who are mandated to working from home.

“We developed an affordable home printing solution a few years back for families with school children. We launched a discount scheme to support emergency workers, like the police, fire and armed forces personnel last year,” Turner revealed. “Our team decided the right thing to do, at this time of uncertainty and crisis, is to extend this discount scheme to include families having to home school, and work from home.”

printing Prices Reduced Following PM's Orders Boris Johnson rtmworld

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told the public to “stay at home”

General Manager Daniel Dixon added, “During this crisis, we’ll supply any family, teacher or home worker with a wireless multifunction printer with unlimited ink cartridges and full support for just £9.99 a month.” Dixon explained the package includes everything so consumers do not need to leave home. “They can obey the Prime Minister’s orders and stay at home.”

“Everything’s included. You don’t need to leave your home. We’ll deliver the printer with two sets of cartridges and when you need more, we’ll deliver them the same or next day, for free.”

Turner concluded. “We worked out, by providing a 20 percent discount against the normal price, it would make the service affordable to many more people during this critical time.”

RT Imaging World asked if his business could survive these tough time. “We need to make money to survive and we’ll make a small profit which will help us cover our costs and keep people employed. But it’s much more than that for us,” Turner said.

“We’re known for providing simple honest service and we have the vision to make office technology solutions affordable for all. Getting through the current crisis is critical to not just the business and education community. To society as a whole”.

“If we can help in some small way, it fits with the culture of our organisation, and my team and I will sleep better at night knowing we’re trying to make a difference. Furthermore. I want to make it crystal clear to people. There’s no long-term contract. It’s a simple rolling monthly agreement for your peace of mind”.

Families and businesses can go online to find out more.


Turner also comments on HPs dirty tricks during coronavirus shutdown with a printer firmware update that forces consumers to go and buy HP brand: HPs Dirty Tricks During Coronavirus Shutdown


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