HP Prints Parts for Masks rtmworld

HP Prints Parts for Masks Caused by Coronavirus Shortage

HP Prints Parts for Masks Caused by Coronavirus Shortage

HP Prints Parts for Masks rtmworldThe medical supply shortage caused by the novel coronavirus could get some help from 3D printers. If 3D printers can be used to print things like a working gun, an acoustic guitar, teeth and figurines, then parts for ventilator face masks can also be added to the list. Particularly in tough times when there is a shortage of supplies.

Cnet muses that it may not be possible to make one on your 3d printer at home, but for an iconic imaging company like HP it is quite possible.

Printer maker HP, teeth straightener vendor SmileDirectClub and various other companies are exploring ways to use their 3D-printing technology to build things like ventilator valves, breathing filters and face mask clasps. HP, in a press release, said it’s also looking at “entirely new parts such as plastic door handle adaptors which enable easy elbow opening to prevent further spread of the virus.”

“We will make available any HP proprietary design files for these parts so they can be produced anywhere in the world and are also helping end-customers bridge potential supply chain interruptions by expanding distributed print-on-demand capabilities,” the Silicon Valley tech giant said.

SmileDirectClub, which makes 3D-printed, customized orthodontia, said on Thursday that it’s one of the largest 3D-printing manufacturers in the US. It’s opened its manufacturing facility and is donating plastic to help medical supply companies and health organizations increase the production of much needed coronavirus medical supplies like medical face shields and respirator valves.



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Are you aware of other ideas for the making of masks during critical shortages? Share your comments below.

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