Roland DG Announces Final Results of Tender Offer

Roland DG Announces Final Results of Tender Offer

Roland DG Corporation officially announced that the tender offer from XYZ K.K. (hereinafter referred to as XYZ) was successfully completed and concluded.

According to the announcement, Roland DG received a detailed report from XYZ indicating that the total number of tendered shares reached 9,247,711, which already exceeded the minimum number to be purchased of 8,151,100 shares, and hence the tender offer wrapped up successfully.

Roland DG Announced Final Results of Tender Offer

Following this completion, Taiyo Pacific Partners L.P., previously the largest shareholder with 2,390,800 shares, will cease to hold that position after May 22, 2024, when XYZ’s tender offer is settled. Given that XYZ was unable to acquire all shares through the tender offer, it will follow a series of procedures to gradually become the sole shareholder of Roland DG. This process will lead to Roland DG’s delisting from the Tokyo Stock Exchange as required by the procedures.

XYZ’s tender offer commenced on February 13, 2024, with an initial purchase price of JPY¥ 5,035. This was subsequently surpassed by Brother Industries Ltd.’s offer of JPY¥ 5,200. In response, XYZ raised its offer to JPY¥ 5,370 on April 26. However, Brother refused to increase its offer further due to concerns regarding Roland DG’s integrity and willingness to cooperate. Consequently, as XYZ successfully completed its tender offer, Brother officially announced the discontinuation of its proposal.



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