New General Manager Appointed for Ninestar

New General Manager Appointed for Ninestar

New General Manager Appointed for Ninestar

New General Manager Appointed for NinestarEric Zhang (pictured) was appointed Ninestar Image’s new General Manager effective October 13, 2020. In this role, he will be fully responsible for the daily management of the company’s international business related to imaging supplies.

He replaces Jason Wang in a restructure that sees Wang head up the Consumables Business Unit for both domestic and international sales. Eric Zhang will hold the position as Vice General Manager of the Printing Consumables Business Unit of Ninestar Corporation. Wang also heads up Apex Microelectronics (Apex) which is a sister company to Ninestar Image.

Jackson Wang continues to be the Chairman of the total Ninestar Corporation which includes Ninestar Image, Apex, Static Control, Pantum and Lexmark.

Ninestar Image is the company that is responsible for the G&G brand of international supplies which includes compatible, new-build printer cartridges, remanufactured cartridges for ink and laser devices. It also includes the new G&G printers that became part of the G&G “one-stop-shop.”

Eric Zhang has spent an 18-year career with Ninestar. This means he has been with the company almost since its birth 20 years ago in 2000. He has built up extensive experience and knowledge of the group company and the global imaging industry.

“I am honored to be given this opportunity to lead the team,” said Zhang. I hope my understanding of customer needs coupled with my experience in this industry can help the company and our customers to evolve and capitalize on the changing market conditions.”

Jason Wang, General Manager of Consumables Business Unit, Ninestar Corporation, said, “The breadth and depth of Eric’s experience, along with his passion and commitment to our customers place him in an excellent position to drive our business growth and sustainability.”



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