When it Comes to Staff Dormitories Ninestar Tops it Off

When it Comes to Staff Dormitories Ninestar Tops it Off

When it Comes to Staff Dormitories Ninestar Tops it Off

Investors, contractors and management gathered on September 23, 2020, to celebrate a “topping-out” ceremony at Ninestar’s new Printing Technology Industrial Park.

It follows a similar ceremony held on July 10, 2020, to commemorate the completion of the first stage of Building F1 of Ninestar’s new printer manufacturing base.

When it Comes to Staff Dormitories Ninestar Tops it OffOn this occasion, key shareholder, Mr Lv Ru Song (pictured) attended to celebrate the successful first and second phase of the dormitory building. He praised the hard work of the project team which has managed to get back on track and meet construction deadlines during the pandemic.

When it is completed, the dormitory building will have seven floors with two electric passenger elevators and will be able to accommodate the needs of more than 1,000 people. As such, the dormitory is a core building inside the industry park.

Ruby Wei, Media Specialist for Ninestar, told RT Media, “The Ninestar Printing Park not only creates jobs but also actively assumes responsibility to provide employees with a complete lifestyle guarantee.” She added, “Ensuring the good working conditions of employees has a far-reaching impact on enhancing the status of China’s printing industry to the global industry.”

More Accommodation Continues to Top Off Ninestar’s Commitment to its Staff

The staff dormitories being built inside the industry park should not be confused with the employee residential property complex being constructed in nearby Pingsha Town, Zhuhai. That property is being developed by Country Garden which is ranked among “The World’s 500 Largest Public Companies” according to Forbes.  The land for the residential complex is only 3.5 kilometres away from Ninestar’s high-end Printer Manufacturing Base. The construction of this employee residential project commenced early in September 2020.

The Ninestar Corporation celebrated its twentieth birthday on June 28, 2020, and claims it is using this anniversary to not only be recognized as the leading firm in the third-party supplies industry but to also be a leader in caring for its staff.



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