Ninestar Thanks Employees as it Celebrates 20 Years

Ninestar Thanks Employees as it Celebrates 20 Years

Ninestar Thanks Employees as it Celebrates 20 YearsNinestar Thanks Employees as it Celebrates 20 Years

The Ninestar Corporation used its twentieth birthday on June 28, 2020, to focus on its employees. The company encouraged its staff to engage in social responsibility activities.

Ninestar Thanks Employees as it Celebrates 20 YearsFounding chairman of Ninestar Corporation, Jackson Wang (pictured) said, “The key to successfully running a corporation falls into retaining the talents of your people and modestly learning from your successes and failures and those of others.” He added the development of employees as a priority for the organisation. “Employees who give their heart and soul to the organization are sincerely appreciated for sailing ahead together through glory and hardship.”

“The small start-up company was born on the seashore of Zhuhai in June 2000,” says Ruby Wei, Media Specialist in Ninestar’s Marketing Department. “There is no instant formula for success, just a process of trial and error.”

The speech contest was well supported.

A speech contest, English lessons, Microsoft operations skills and 45 in-house and outsourced training sessions, conferences, seminars, and WebEx sessions were organised to better equip and resource 2,200 of its sales and managerial staff. Further, there wear a wide variety of recreational and sports activities including fun sports, a singing competition and hiking.

The opportunity was also given for staff to engage in fundraising walking activities to support charities as part of the philanthropic culture that has been encouraged by the Ninestar Group for the past five years.

Ninestar Thanks Employees as it Celebrates 20 Years

Group Photo at the Charitable Walking Activity

According to Wei, loyalty, pragmatism, innovation and a “win-win” attitude is evident across the corporation.

“Our R&D colleagues immerse themselves in the laboratory to ensure the chips can keep working whenever OEM printers have a firmware update; the sales team strenuously keep in touch with clients’ demand all over the world; the manufacturing staff are on the front line of production day and night, insisting on the best quality products.”

Wei claims staff are not attracted so much by the lure of money so much as the employee caring environment which provides for the development of health, workplace skills and charitable enterprise and philanthropy.



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