Ninestar Gives Away Free Cartridges rtmworld

Ninestar Gives Away Free Cartridges

Ninestar Gives Away Free Cartridges

Ninestar Gives Away Free Cartridges rtmworldChina-based Ninestar, through its G&G cartridge brand, is giving away a year’s supply of printer cartridges as part of its 20th birthday celebrations.

“The G&G brand was established at the birth of Ninestar in 2000,” Ninestar’s Media Specialist, Ruby Wei told RT Media. “For two decades, G&G has set the industry’s gold standard in terms of quality and today, the products are recognized around the world for their superior performance and reliability.”

To launch the free giveaway, Ninestar and G&G are inviting any would-be winner to participate in its Chief Printing Officer project. Applications are now open online or you can make further enquiries by sending an email to G&G’s marketing department.

“To celebrate our 20th anniversary and to extend our sincere gratitude to our customers for their support, we invite all our users from around the world users to participate,” Ms Wei said. “Applications are now open!”

Ms Wei says applications are only open for a short time, between June 9 and June 27, 2020. Those wanting to win a free year’s supply of cartridges need to participate in monthly product reviews and provide comprehensive feedback to help optimize and improve G&G products.

The final list of G&G Chief Printing Officer winners will be announced on June 28 in social media.



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