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Ninestar Joins the Silent Fight

Ninestar Joins the Silent Fight: Giving is Rooted in its Values

Ninestar joins the silent fight rtmworldThe world has marvelled at the sacrifice of millions of the doctors, nurses and scientists who have been fighting COVID-19 on the frontline over the last four months.

To support these valiant medical workers, Ninestar Corporation has proactively joined the silent fight. Its international employees purchased 50 thousand medical disposable masks and 2.1 thousand N95 masks and donated them, often in person, to hospitals in Hubei Province at the heart of the initial outbreak.

In addition, 300 Pantum printers were donated to the Cantonese medical team who went to Hubei Province to provide support.

Being highly drought-resistant, Haloxylon ammodendron is planted on a large scale in the afforestation of arid areas in China.

As early as in 2007, Ninestar donated RMB 290,000 (US$40,800) as its part in the ten-year “100 Million Alxa Haloxylon Ammodendron” project. This project aims to plant 100 million haloxylon ammodendron in the Alxa area to restore 2 million acres of vegetation, thereby improving the local ecological environment and curbing the trend of desertification. Since March 2017, Ninestar has planted 29 thousand haloxylon ammodendron, covering up to 580 acres.

Also in 2007, Ninestar partnered with the China International Red Cross to establish the Ninestar Angel Love Fund, which is devoted to helping needy children with leukemia. In 2019, the fund provided a grant of RMB1 million (US$140,800) to support the Red Cross in giving student assistance, serious disease relief, health intervention and environmental protection. In the same year, the first G&G International Padel Tournament in Spain raised over €10,400 for the Children’s Oncology Unit of the Hospital of Alicante.

Following three catastrophic earthquakes in Sichuan and Qinghai provinces one after another in 2008, 2010 and 2013, Ninestar donated RMB2.2 million (US$309,700).

Ninestar also encourages its employees to be involved in its corporate philanthropy and to connect with the organisation’s values of kindness and mercy in their daily lives. For 5 consecutive years, Ninestar has pledged to make charitable donations on behalf of employees after they successfully participate in the daily walking activities.


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