Printing Industries of America Launches the Integrated Print Center

Printing Industries of America announces the launch of the Integrated Print Center, or IPC, a site dedicated to providing the integrated printer with the most essential data from the printing and graphic communications world.

Led by Julie Shaffer, Vice President, Digital Technologies, the Integrated Print Center, is an interactive site created to provide everything from print and digital solutions to multichannel marketing and business strategies. Sections of the website include the Learning Center, Prime, Test Drive Tools, Integrated Print Forum (IPF), and Partners.

“Digital printing’ has become mainstream, and today printers are using ‘integrated’ techniques like QR codes and augmented reality. Our transformation mirrors the industry’s in a way—as our members transition their focus to integrated technologies, we do as well,” said Julie. “The new Integrated Print Center is the place to educate our members and the marketing industry on all the ways print is relevant and is a key feature in the marketing community.”

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