Xerox Launches Customer Loyalty Program

Xerox introduced a customer loyalty program which allows customers to earn rewards by purchasing Xerox consumables. The new program is called Genuine Xerox Rewards. Solid inks and toners for Xerox desktop printers and MFPs are eligible supplies under the terms of this program.

Customers who register for the Genuine Xerox Rewards program gain 1,000 points for enrolling, 100 points for every Xerox device registered and one point on every dollar spent on Xerox supplies. Extra points can be acquired by participating in activities on the Genuine Xerox Rewards websites. The points never expire as long as customers remain active.

However they purchase the supplies—whether through Xerox directly, resellers, retail stores or websites—points can be added to the customers’ account. Rewards may include Xerox supplies and equipment, gift cards, airline tickets, movie tickets, sporting goods or even charitable contributions.

One thing to note is that Xerox supplies acquired through PagePack, Metered or Managed Print Contracts, toners for non-desktop devices like production printers and MFP’s and maintenance kits, fusers, rollers, transfer belts and other long-life supplies are not eligible for the program.

Customers can sign up for the Genuine Xerox Rewards program now at the Xerox website:

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