InfoTrends Study Uncovers the Impact Mobile Devices has on Print

InfoTrends study entitled Mobile Devices and the Impact on Print uncovers the relative opportunity to print across a broad range of mobile device users. The goal is to understand what people need to satisfy their desire to print from their mobile devices. The study looks at attributes such as the needs, behaviors, and desires of business users versus personal users who wish to print.

Evidence suggests that many users of smartphones and tablets wish to print from those devices, yet many currently are not. InfoTrends expects that different groups of users face different and multiple barriers to printing. In addition, vendors are currently unclear on which groups of users represent the largest untapped potential for print, and what those users need most to enable them to print.

InfoTrends asked respondents what they expect to encounter as barriers to printing. We asked for personal printing and work-related printing. Across all countries regardless if it was for work or personal, the largest expected barrier was technical connectivity problems to the printer. Other non-cost issues were application errors or knowing where to find a printer. People who wish to print for personal reasons and work reasons have very similar needs and barriers. Therefore, actions taken by vendors to satisfy those needs and eliminate those barriers will benefit both types of users.


This study is designed to help vendors with an interest in stimulating the market with the ability to print from mobile devices. It seeks to address the needs of users that want and need to print from multiple locations, or while they are on the go, and what problems they face. This report seeks to help vendors address these concerns so that the users of their devices will be able to print as often as they want.

Source: InfoTrends Study


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