Tohita Sets New Standard for Copier Consumables

Tohita Sets New Standard for Copier Consumables

More and more, international buyers are looking for consistent high quality products from China and abandoning those products which causes them to lose customers.

Tohita Sets New Standard for Copier ConsumablesAccording to Benson Ye (pictured left), Managing Director at Tohita, buyers are demanding high quality products from a range of suppliers to get what they need for their customers. To this end Tohita’s new business model sources a wide range of products from key manufacturers.

Tohita is a leading copier, toner, drum and spare part manufacturer in China. Known for competitive prices, reliable quality and value-added service, Tohita is an excellent manufacturer of copier consumables with over eleven years of rich industry experience.

Tohita is now able to offer a wider range of products, including copier toner, remanufactured drum units, fuser units, and related spare parts. They respect the planet and prefer working with recycled cartridges, so 60% of their full product range is made with re-manufactured consumables. Tohita copier consumables are manufactured mainly for Xerox, Toshiba, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, OKI, Utax and Kyocera.

Customers can rely on Tohita for consistent, high-quality products. Artisan craftsmanship is important to Tohita; with this in mind, production and quality checks are completed to ensure the best performance.

In the workshop, production lines are each managed by a production supervisor with at least five years of experience in the field. The average industry production experience of all other staff on the production line is three years, so Tohita ensures a high level of expertise in the warehouse. Additionally, all accessories are sourced from well-known suppliers and tested for the best combination of components to guarantee premium quality. A team of technical staff test the products with over 200 A3/A4 machines before they are finally packaged and distributed. Therefore, Tohita supplies customers with efficiently produced and tested copier consumables of the highest quality.

Tohita Sets New Standard for Copier Consumables

Tohita Sets New Standard for Copier ConsumablesBenson Ye, Managing Director at Tohita, believes this is what sets them above other copier consumable companies. “Our philosophy that products should be premium quality and competitively priced makes us the best choice,” he said. “We also have the resources and industry experience to develop some products that people don’t think are possible.” Benson also shared he was most proud of the friendly, fair work environment at Tohita.

Tohita’s focus on quality products, great prices and customer service explain their reputation for being the most reliable copier consumable manufacturer. Tohita continues to be the leading copier, toner, drum and spare part manufacturer in China.



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