Live Broadcasts Grab Attention at RemaxWorld Expo

Live Broadcasts Grab Attention at RemaxWorld Expo

Live Broadcasts Grab Attention at RemaxWorld Expo

For the first time, two exhibitors live broadcast on their booths, attracting the attention and curiosity of visitors.

Live Broadcasts Grab Attention at RemaxWorld Expo

During the three-day event held September 16-19, 2021, in Zhuhai, China, Ninestar’s G&G brand featured two Douyin online influencers from the office supplies field to live stream exhibited products to end-users who couldn’t come to the event themselves. The live stream attracted many visitors, as well as coverage from two public media.

“It is an innovative experiment to bring live stream to the expo,” said Lingbo Zeng, customer manager of G&G. “The live stream helps to promote our brand. During the two days, we attracted more than 10,000 viewers online.”

According to Zeng, G&G has been live streaming every day on its Jingdong and Taobao stores for a few years now. It is the first time they have used Douyin platform, the Chinese version of Tiktok, to live stream. “Live stream has become a new trend. Through live streaming, individual customers can ask questions about our products. It brings us closer to customers, ” Zeng added.

On Senwill’s booth, the live broadcast of its automation production line also attracted much attention.

Live Broadcasts Grab Attention at RemaxWorld Expo

“We used to set up a production line on the booth for real display in the past RemaxWorld expos,” said Fenghua Peng, sales director of Senwill.

To standardize product quality and enhance output, Senwill introduced automation production lines in 2020, investing about RMB 10 million (US$ 1.55 million). The automation production lines help enhanced Senwill’s toner cartridge monthly output by 60%, up to 800,000 pieces.

“We are serious about quality. We hope the live broadcast will give customers a direct feel about our production process. We are open to all and welcome to have a tour to our factory too, ” said Peng.



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