Zhuhai Show Opens But Foreigners are Missing David Gibbons RemaxWorld

Zhuhai Show Opens But Foreigners are Missing

Zhuhai Show Opens But Foreigners are Missing

Zhuhai Show Opens But Foreigners are Missing David Gibbons RemaxWorldThousands of Chinese visitors have visited the annual RemaxWorld Expo but closed borders prevent buyers from overseas.

Government leaders inspected 150 exhibits at the 15th RemaxWorld Expo offering printers, imaging supplies and components.

New highlights and activities included a buyer festival with popular cartridges being auctioned off to bidders seeking hot prices.

The expo continues to be a strong business event in China. The demand for printers and supplies continues to grow, particularly for A4 monochrome multifunction devices.

Zhuhai Show Opens But Foreigners are Missing

Government and industry leaders participate in a dazzling opening of the 15th RemaxWorld Expo

The annual RT Imaging Awards were presented to scores of winners in five categories this year. Those who have excelled in manufacturing, branding, e-commerce, distribution and personal industry contributions received awards.

Eve Diamond, the daughter of the late Art Diamond presented the prestigious Diamond Pioneer Award via a video hook up from California USA. “This year’s winner is Steve Weedon,” she declared.  Weedon was presented the award for launching the Recycler Trade Magazine in Europe back in September 1992 and for his leadership roles over five decades in Europe, the USA and China. “I am flabbergasted, and totally taken by surprise,” Weedon said. “To receive this award named after Art Diamond is truly the biggest honour this industry has to offer.

RemaxWorld Buyer Festival Triples Excitement with Audition and Seckill

Hundreds participated in an action-packed auction as part of the buyer festival.

Hot topics dealt with at the summit included the impact of the Sino-US trade war on chips. Industry analyst group IDC presented their latest findings for imaging supplies called, “Crisis and Opportunities.” And the chief engineer and product general manager of Hubei Dinglong provided updates on patents, innovation and cooperation.

The 40th anniversary of the global printing and imaging consumables industry was highlighted at the expo
40 years ago, a very young Arnald Ho started Print-Rite and was the first in China to provide aftermarket supplies.

Most buyers attending RemaxWorld came looking for new products and services they could add to their businesses.
The growth in demand for inks for SOHO, business, textiles and foods was an obvious reason for buyers.

A quick poll of exhibitors revealed that they are looking forward to the time when international participants can return to China.

Zhuhai Show Opens But Foreigners are Missing

Live B2C broadcasts were conducted all day each day as companies compete online to sell consumables directly to millions of Chinese consumers on platforms including Alibaba and JD.com.



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