RemaxWorld Buyer Festival Auctions Off 400K Cartridges

RemaxWorld Buyer Festival Auctions Off 400K Cartridges

RemaxWorld Buyer Festival Auctions Off 400K Cartridges

RemaxWorld Buyer Festival Auctions Off 400K CartridgesAlmost 400,000 compatible toner cartridges were auctioned off at a Buyer Festival held during the 2021 RemaxWorld Expo in Zhuhai, China.

Cartridges were snapped up from as low as CN¥14.7 (US$2.27) for popular compatible HP cartridge models. A sudden-death styled auction called “seckill” (秒杀 in Chinese) originates with a legendary warrior who can kill his enemies within seconds. It has become a popular term for the online shopping community to define the rapid sell-out of newly advertised goods.

The seckill and auction-style Buyer Festival was held in three short sessions over the three-day expo on September 16-18 aiming to bring new excitement to the event.

“You can never find such a wholesale price anywhere in the market,” said one excited bidder who secured 15,000 units. “To get such a low price for such good quality compatible toner cartridges is really a good buy. My winning bid will make me some good profits.”

First Session

RemaxWorld Buyer Festival Auctions Off 400K CartridgesZhongshan Senwill Office Supplies Co., Ltd. (Senwill) provided 100,000 toner cartridges including compatible HP CF400, 500 and 510 toner cartridges and 130,000 compatible HP 388 toner cartridges for bidding in the first session.

According to Senwill vice general manager Kejin Luo (pictured), the compatible CF400 toner cartridge series is well known for its stable quality thanks to automation production. Participants at the auction were able to view the print quality before the auction started.

“Like the CF400 toner cartridge series, the 388 toner cartridge is also produced on automated production lines with a printing yield up to 1,500 pages. What’s more importantly, our self-patented cartridges protect customers from infringement worries,” added Luo.

The first session auctioned off 230,000 compatible cartridges in total. Thirteen participants walked away with between 100 and 10,000 sets (packages of four) compatible cartridges.

“The auction helps save a lot of sales costs. It is unbelievable that we just sold 230,000 toner cartridges right next to our factory. As a manufacturer dedicated to producing the best quality color toner cartridges in China, we will try our best to meet customized demands,” said Luo.

Second Session

RemaxWorld Buyer Festival Auctions Off 400K CartridgesZhongshan Diyan Electronics Co., Ltd (Diyan) provided 20,000  compatible HP CF218A and 230 toner cartridges. The company agreed to what they said was “a never-to-be-seen-again price” of CN¥15 (US$2.31) each creating further excitement for participants. Participants scanned a giant QR code from the LED screen on the stage and competed with each other for the “sudden death” result.

RT trialled a similar auction earlier in July, 2021 at its domestic Harbin show, As a result, Andy Liu (pictured), Diyan’s sales manager, was encouraged to see some of his new customers follow him from Harbin to Zhuhai.

“I don’t want to boast about our products, but the user experience is the best testimony,” said Liu. “RT’s reinvention is really good. It offers us a good opportunity to develop new customers. I hope RT will continue to hold such audition activities, ” said Liu.

Final Session

RemaxWorld Buyer Festival Auctions Off 400K Cartridges

Zhuhai Yuancheng Digital Technology Co., Ltd provided 60,000 compatible pieces (20000 sets) of TN 2325/LT 2441 toner cartridges. After a few rounds of bidding, all these cartridges were auctioned off at the price of RMB 15.6/unit. To add more excitement, the company added 10000 sets to those who didn’t get the chance in bidding.

According to Songlin Cao (pictured left), channel manager of Yuancheng, these models are self-patented universal toner cartridges. “The patent structure of the toner cartridge is quite innovative, as it comes up with an external reset which is easy to operate, ” said Cao.

“We originally planned to provide 60,000 toner cartridges,” said Gui Huang, sales director of Yuancheng. “however we let 70,000 compatible toner cartridges go under the hammer.” Huang also explained that by offering more margins to customers, he expects more customers will get the chance to know the products. “The auction is very encouraging. We will continue to provide more self-patented products in the future to customers.”

RemaxWorld expo kicked off in Zhuhai China on September  16. The three-day event received 150 exhibitors from China. Besides the buyer festival, other activities include RT annual global industry award ceremony, industry summit, and the 40th-anniversary achievement exhibition.



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