Top Printer and Imaging News for October

Top Printer and Imaging News for October

Top Printer and Imaging News for October

Top Printer and Imaging News for OctoberThe RT Media news team has looked at the most clicked-on printer and imaging news stories for October 2022.

You can watch the inTouch TV News bulletin with the top 10 stories identified.

HP has made fresh claims the microchips used in aftermarket printer cartridges may be a gateway for hackers to access the data of end users. Researchers, developers, and manufacturers of third-party chips have reacted by saying they invest extensively in maintaining the security of the chips they use in printer cartridges. It should be noted the chips in HP’s printers are also reprogrammable, so that HP can upgrade them.

The Executive Director of the International Imaging Technology Council has released videos exposing the deceitful selling of fake remanufactured printer cartridges online in the USA. Tricia Judge demonstrates clearly the products coming from China are not remanufactured. Judge says the wrongly labelled and promoted products target consumers wanting to buy environmentally-friendly products.

On October 20, 2022, HP released its latest round of firmware updates for some of its printers. In just a matter of hours, Zhono’s engineers managed to research, develop and produce compatible chips, ready for shipping, that solve this latest firmware upgrade.

A US court in Illinois has ruled in favor of Canon over its claim that 52 distributors were selling counterfeit Canon products in the USA. Half of the defendants immediately acknowledged the validity and enforceability of Canon’s trademarks. The other half failed to contest Canon’s claims.

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