Judge Exposes Fake Reman Cartridges Being Sold in the US

Judge Exposes Fake Reman Cartridges Being Sold in the US

Judge Exposes Fake Reman Cartridges Being Sold in the US

Judge Exposes Fake Reman Cartridges Being Sold in the USTricia Judge (pictured), the Executive Director of the International Imaging Technology Council (I-ITC), has released two videos exposing the deceitful sales practice of selling fake remanufactured printer cartridges online in the USA.

The advertising and packaging would lead buyers to believe the cartridges are “remanufactured.” Judge demonstrates clearly that they are not in each video. These wrongly labelled products target consumers that want to buy environmentally-friendly products.

“These products, originating in China, are greenwashing their environmental credentials,” said Judge. “Greenwashing is a deceptive technique used by companies to make you believe their products are doing more to protect the environment than they actually are.”

In the first video, released on September 26, 2022, Judge said she did some research and ordered what was claimed to be a “remanufactured HP 131 printer cartridge.”

She asked the question, “Have you ever wondered if the ‘remanufactured’ or ‘alternative’ printer cartridges you buy are truly remanufactured?”

In her video, Judge reveals the so-called “remanufactured” cartridge could not possibly be “remanufactured” because it does not even use the original HP empty core—the basis of all cartridges that are remanufactured.

Judge also points out that the plastics, markings, and design of the “fake reman” cartridge are different to the original OEM cartridge—which should not be the case when an empty OEM cartridge is reused or remanufactured.

She makes it clear the aftermarket product is a new-build cartridge and not remanufactured as advertised.

In a second video, released on October 3, 2022, Judge also reveals that what is advertised and promoted as a remanufactured HP305 cartridge is clearly not remanufactured either.

She reminds the audience that a remanufactured cartridge, by definition, uses the core of an empty, original HP cartridge. “A truly remanufactured cartridge should match up perfectly with the OEM,” she said.

Judge is also quick to reveal the instructions included in the packaging use poor English and the “Contact Us” information is empty. She also points out that the words “remanufactured” are on the Amazon online store receipt—when clearly the product is not.

“It is my measured opinion that this is a new-built cartridge and not a remanufactured cartridge as advertised,” Judge concluded.

Judge plans to broadcast more videos in the coming weeks that expose more deceitful greenwashing practices by certain cartridge manufacturers.

Judge is a regular writer and contributor for RT Media:

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