Auction Brings New Excitement to Harbin Show

Auction Brings New Excitement to Harbin Show

Auction Brings New Excitement to Harbin Show

Auction Brings New Excitement to Harbin Show

Tens of thousands of printer cartridges have been auctioned off in less than a matter of minutes during a printer and consumables expo held in Harbin.

RT , the organisers of the well known RemaxWorld Expo in Zhuhai ran the two-day event in the provincial capital of Heilongjiang province.

Harbin is the eighth-most populous Chinese city situated in the far north-east of the country, often referred to as the “head of the chicken” give the shape of China is often likened to a chicken.

Zhongshan Diyan Electronics Co., Ltd provided 20,000 cartridges in one furious session of bidding. An additional 50,000 ‘338 cartridges from Beifang Office were also hotly sought from the hundreds of buyers that attended.

RT has developed the “dutch auction” as a new attraction at its events. A similar auction will be conducted at the RemaxWorld Expo in September 2021.

“We have continued to reinvent our expo,” said Victoria Zhao, general manager of Comexposium Recycling Times Exhibition Services Limited (RT). “Since March we have held ten successfully shows in different Chinese cities. We came to Harbin with the expectation we could create yet another new activity that could deliver new opportunities for both manufacturers and buyers,” Zhao said.

Almost 70 exhibitors and more than 800 buyers attended the Haerbin tradeshow held between July 22 and 23, 2021. The event was held in Yongtai Sheraton Hotel in Harbin.

Auction Brings New Excitement to Haerbin Show

Local government officials inspecting the exhibition area.

RT held the event to strengthen business communications between Guangdong and Heilongjiang provinces. It was part of the national policy of “accelerating the formation of a new development pattern with domestic and international cycles as the main body and mutual promotion of domestic and international double cycles.”

The event provided Zhuhai companies with a direct opportunity to meet and connect with buyers from the Heilongjiang province. Government officials from Harbin, delegations from Zhuhai Municipal Bureau of Commerce, representatives from Zhuhai Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export, Zhuhai Heilongjiang Chamber of Commerce, and Zhuhai Consumables Industry Association, presented the event.

Auction Brings New Excitement to Haerbin Show

Wei Wang (pictured right), Deputy Director of Zhuhai Municipal Bureau of Commerce, opened the industry forum saying, “Printing consumables are an important component of the Zhuhai’s traditional industrial base.”

He added, “Zhuhai and Harbin, each with their own advantages in resources, are an important driving force for economic growth.” According to Wang, industries, technology and talents are highly complementary and mutually beneficial and have a broad base for healthy cooperation and huge potential for competition.

Auction Brings New Excitement to Haerbin Show

Victoria Zhao, general manager of RT, sharing insights on new trends in the office supplies industry under COVID-19

“It is hoped that friends from the industrial and commercial fields in both places will use this new exhibition platform to promote friendship, expand exchanges, deepen cooperation and seek common development,” Wang said.

“The global printing consumables industry is celebrating its 40th-anniversary this year,” Victoria Zhao said.  During this time, Zhuhai has also grown to become one of the regions throughout the world with the largest-scaled printing consumables with a complete industry chain and advanced technology.” he added.

To this end, nine separate companies signed strategic cooperation agreements during the opening ceremony as a sign of strength between the two regions.

Auction Brings New Excitement to Haerbin Show

Junwei Gong from Dongwei Information Technology talks about E-commerce of government and enterprise in the large office industry

In the industry forum, speakers addressed hot topics such as the digital economy, office ecosystems, Information Technology Application Innovation, and new services to inspire new thinking for sustainable development within industry chains.

Harbin has to often endure often harsh winters and has become dubbed as the Ice City for its well-known winter tourism and its ice sculpture festival. Now it has the makings of an ongoing relationship with Zhuhai in the far south.

Auction Brings New Excitement to Haerbin Show

Shuai Sun from Zhuhai Julitongchuang sharing B2B government procurement e-commerce office consumables solution

Auction Brings New Excitement to Haerbin Show

Jintao Liu from Beijing Haichuanghengyuan trade company, sharing the embedded procurement solution for Haichuang empowering E-commerce System

Auction Brings New Excitement to Haerbin Show

Ziji Zheng from Zhejiang Cumtenn talks about challenges and opportunities faced Information Technology Application Innovation



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