Selling Printing Devices as Consumables

Selling Printing Devices as Consumables

Selling Printing Devices as Consumables

Selling Printing Devices as ConsumablesFor a long time, the OEMs have been selling printers cheap and selling consumables at high prices to gain profits.

The rise of compatible consumables broke the monopoly of OEM consumables. Since then, OEM and aftermarket companies have been competing with each other for market share.

“In order to consolidate the market, printer manufacturers use a variety of methods to prevent end-users from using compatible consumables in their printers,” said Liu Yong (pictured), General Manager of Dalian Zonewin Technology Co., Ltd (‘Zonewin’).

“Taking laser printers as an example, most OEM laser printers will lock out aftermarket consumables through encryption technology,” Mr Liu added.  He spoke to more than 100 Chinese industry leaders at the 2021 office supplies and printing consumables conference held in Zhongshan, China,

As a domestic laser printer manufacturer, Zonewin has creatively proposed to create a domestic consumable alliance with domestic aftermarket consumable companies. “With the alliance, Zonewin laser printers or other printers from consumable companies can be sold to users through consumable manufacturers,” said Liu.

“In this way, the following sale of consumables is done once and for all. Meantime, users do not need to worry about the cost of consumables in the future either. In short, we expect to see machines to be sold like consumables, and as consumables. Consumables are the main focus,” he added.

In order to control the quality of compatible consumables, Zonewin has launched a unified certification program to ensure the quality of compatible consumables. “Zonewin provides unified technical and quality certification standards. Taking the 12A toner cartridge as an example, it has been certified through the Zonewin platform. The technical and quality standards are identical, and the printing effect on Zonewin machines is identical,” Liu explained.

It is said that the current consumables in the surplus have been fully compatible with the vast majority of domestic 12A toner cartridges on the market. In addition, the 1020 laser printer is fully compatible with the HP 1020 printer driver, which can seamlessly replace the original environment and habits of customers using HP machines.

In terms of chip compatibility settings for domestic consumables manufacturers, Liu said: “All certified brands of consumables can be applied to the general models of the surplus. A brand of printers can be set to use only A brand toner cartridges and surplus brand toner cartridges can also be set to completely non-detect chip mode or a number of sheets within the non-detect chip mode. No chip detection mode means that all 12A toner cartridges can be printed. A brand and B brand printer toner cartridges are not compatible with each other.”

“The encryption chip and driver compatibility will help branded consumable manufacturers to promote overseas markets. The whole machine + consumables model will also be extremely cost-effective for agents and customers,” Liu added.



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