Innovative Carnival Model Attracts Buyers and Sellers

Innovative Carnival Model Attracts Buyers and Sellers

Innovative Carnival Model Attracts Buyers and Sellers

“Really? In a hotel room? It’s totally different from how I imagine an exhibition,” said one exhibitor to organizers. She was amazed when ushered to the exhibition area at the Huichang Hotel in Tanzhou Town.

More than a thousand participated at the unique business event in the prefecture-level city of Zhongshan across the river from Zhuhai, the world capital of printing consumables. Zhongshan has also become a base for many printing consumables factories.

To add freshness to the traditional industry event model, RT—the organizer who delivers the annual RemaxWorld Expo in Zhuhai— booked out four floors of the hotel and provided an individual room for each exhibitor. It gave the business event a real carnival atmosphere which included an outdoor barbeque party at the end of the first day. Many attended one of the two conferences on May 19 and joined a factory tour on May 20, 2021.

“The event is quite different from any industry event RT has ever organized in China,” said Victoria Zhao, general manager of Comexposium Recycling Times Exhibition Services Limited (RT). “We expect this innovation to provide new experiences and a new surprise to both manufacturers and visitors.”

The elevators worked overtime as exhibitors and visitors visited each floor of the Huichang Hotel where every guest room had been transformed into independent exhibition displays with each company name displayed at each door. “The idea was to create an open yet private environment for communication and discussion,” said Zhao. “It’s a very economical model for exhibitors as they don’t need to spend time or money on booth construction,” she added.

The event was welcomed and supported by the local government officials. Tanzhou Mayor Guojian Zhao applauded all involved and participating at the novel event. He was accompanied by Tony Lee, RT Group Chairman.

To further help manufacturers enhance brand exposure, RT also invited OA influencer Qiang Lu to live stream exhibited products to people who couldn’t come to the event themselves. Lu has 10,000 fans on the livestream Douyin platform, China version of Tik Tok. “As the organizer, we anticipate the livestream initiative will help exhibitors to promote their products and solutions to a wider audience to enhance their brands and influence in the market,” said Zhao.

Hot Industry Topics Addressed

The 2021 office supplies and printing consumables conference (Huanan area) saw local government officials, various association representatives and industry leaders addressing the pain experienced in business and industry development and future trends for the mobile office.

Qiang Gao from GFK examined the Chinese domestic office supplies and consumables market. He considered the circumstances of the continuous printing demand as well as the global shortage of component supplies. “I believe there is a demand dividend in the current office equipment industry, but one thing for sure is that supply shortage will continue to bring uncertainty to the market,” said Gao.

In a concurrent series of meetings, Edaoxiu service suppliers met with partners and technicians to share their visions and goals to better serve the industry.

Weituo Hua from China New Service Office Alliance emphasized the importance of service. Taking Pantum as an example, Hua pointed out that enhancing production capacity to or above OEM level cannot guarantee any advantage in competition. “The only advantage lies in service. By providing prompt service from neighborhood, we can help Pantum dispel customer’s worries about quality. That is the key to win over customers,” said Hua.

Shengli Dong from Edaoxiu, the co-organizer of the meeting, revealed a nation-wide service platform to better serve manufacturers, users and service suppliers. “From years of experience, I got a strong feeling that we have to be more altruistic if we are to achieve a more sustainable development,” Dong said.

Edaoxiu is constantly exploring new models to empower service suppliers, such as the 1000-City plan to promote capable service suppliers to business partners, as well as directly connecting manufacturers with service suppliers. In order to standardize and add value to service, Edaoxiu has established a technician club as a way to enhance industry standards through communication, training and certification.

The event provided a public opportunity for the signing of agreements between organisations including Edaoxiu Zonewin, Gepad and Jimo. Awards were also presented to several technicians for their excellent service.

On September 16-18, 2021, RT will hold this year’s RemaxWorld Expo at the Zhuhai convention and exhibition center—the same venue since 2015. As the organizer, RT looks forward to meeting old and new friends from all over the world face to face when the COVID-19 is brought under control and international travel is permitted.


RemaxWorld Summit & Expo 2020 Held in Zhuhai


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