Tohita Releases New Developer & Drum Unit for HP Printers

Tohita Releases New Developer & Drum Unit for HP Printers

Tohita Releases New Developer & Drum Unit for HP Printers

Tohita Releases New Developer & Drum Unit for HP PrintersChina-based Tohita exhibited their new developer/drum unit at RemaxWorld Expo for use in a series of HP LaserJet printers including the MFP E77822, 77825 and 77830.

Recently, Tohita released developer units for the September 17-19, 2021 event in Zhuhai, China, with 380g of compatible developer powder loaded in each. The unit has a page yield of 300K at 5%, for both color and black.

The remanufactured drum unit, a replacement for the HP W9044MC, provides long life and OEM-equivalent performance. According to Tohita, what’s even more important is that the new parts include a Mitsubishi OPC drum. The drum unit is rated to print up to 100K at 5%.

“HP LaserJet managed MFP E77822, 77825 and 77830 series utilize a separated toner and drum part system,” said Benson Ye, the sales director of Tohita. “This means you don’t have to throw the whole drum and developer part away when toner runs out.” Ye pointed out the solution is good for the environment, and he believes it will be a trend for the future.

“Having manufactured toner cartridge holders for 11 years, we have accumulated rich expertise and developed strong technology,” Ye added. “Following the growth in market demand, we launched the developer/ drum unit for this type of cartridge.”

“To make sure the quality is stable and consistent, we always choose trusted component suppliers. In addition, we also stick to strict testing procedures for all products.”

Tohita has continually persisted in the development and manufacture of spare parts and consumables with over eleven years of experience. The products include fuser units, drum units, toner cartridges, upper and lower fuser rollers, cleaning blades and other accessories, etc. And now, the company has become a leading manufacturer of copier spare parts in China.



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