New Cartridge World Regional Manager rtmworld

New Cartridge World Regional Manager for Latin America

New Cartridge World Regional Manager for Latin America

New Cartridge World Regional Manager rtmworldA new regional manager has been appointed for Cartridge World in Latin America.

Ivan Rosales (pictured) accepted the Cartridge World Regional Manager (Latin America) position offered by Global CEO Edwin Lui which will see him managing all the masters and franchise store operations from his base in Guadalajara in Mexico.

The Cartridge World chain of stores in the Americas was reorganized in December 2019 following the purchase of the license rights to the USA territory by Blackford Capital on December 24, 2019.

“Following the reorganization of the brand in the Americas, we needed someone who knows this industry, has a good command of the language and is motivated to work with our stores across this great Latin America territory,” Global CEO Edwin Lui told RT Media. “Ivan has a proven track record and we are excited to work with him to grow the Cartridge World brand.”

New Cartridge World Regional Manager rtmworld

Ivan Rosales (left) joins some of RT Media team to celebrate 3 years of successful industry expos in Cancun

Before his new role, Rosales was Operations and Projects Manager for Cartridge World based in McHenry Illinois, between 2017 and 2020. Before that Rosales was the editor of RT ImagingWorld En Español magazine and the event partner with RT Media that ran three successful expos in Cancun, Mexico. Rosales was the President and executive officer of the Latin America toner remanufacturers trade association, Asociacion de Recicladores de Toner de Latinoamerica AC, from 2000 to 2006.

“I have been in the printing consumables industry ever since 1994. I have been a remanufacturer, I have worked with the association, been a publisher, events organizer, and manager,” Rosales said. “My role now is to support the current Cartridge World masters and franchisees anywhere between Mexico and Argentina. I will assist with operations procedures, approving suppliers’ negotiations, and implementing new business models to meet the market trends.”

He sees a key responsibility in the short term is to increase the number of masters and franchisees in Latin America and develop an efficient supply chain for Cartridge World branded products in the region.

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