HP Settles Dynamic Security Issue

HP Settles Dynamic Security Issue

HPAccording to uroconsumers.org, HP has signed an agreement with Euroconsumer regarding Dynamic Security.

The agreement ensures consumers that owned certain HP printers which had Dynamic Security installed will be compensated.

Dynamic Security is a technology that HP places in certain printers and which HP states it uses to protect the quality of its customer experience, maintain the integrity of its printing systems, and protect its intellectual property. Euroconsumers alleged that consumers were not properly informed that Dynamic Security would cause printers to reject certain non-HP replacement ink cartridges equipped with non-original chips or electronic circuitry.

Euroconsumers and HP have agreed that the two parties will not proceed any further with legal actions. The agreement cannot be considered as an acknowledgement of any fault or wrongdoing by HP nor as an acknowledgement by Euroconsumers of the groundlessness of its claims.  Rather, it is a sign of the commitment of both parties to work for the benefit of consumers.

Under the agreement, HP has agreed to establish a fund of up to USD 1,350,000 for payment of compensation to certain HP printer owners for losses allegedly suffered as a consequence of being unaware that their printers were enabled with Dynamic Security, which would limit their printers’ functionality when using third party cartridges with non-HP chips or circuitry.

Consumers in Belgium, Italy, Spain and Portugal are eligible to receive settlement compensation from the fund if they own or owned certain HP printer models listed between September 1, 2016, and November 17, 2020. Eligible consumers in Belgium, Italy, Spain and Portugal can find additional details about this agreement and the procedure to submit compensation claims here.



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