HP Creates Ink Cartridges from Recycled Bottles in Haiti

HP Inc. launched its first original ink cartridge made with plastic from recycled bottles in Haiti. Collaborating with Thread International and the First Mile Coalition, HP turns to a circular and low-carbon economy.

HP now purchases recycled plastic collected in Haiti. The initial aim of this move is to improve the lives of the children who collect recyclable materials in Haiti, reported by HP. As much as more than 300 children are exposed daily to hazardous working conditions as they are collecting recyclable materials from the Truitier landfill. Through the cooperation, HP provides these poor kids with educational opportunities, full access to medical care and health and safety trainings.

“The work that [Thread and] HP are doing helps me get my children to school, and helps me pay for my home,” said Rosette Altidor, a Haitian collection center owner. “It motivates me to motivate others to collect plastic as well. Everyone can benefit from clean-up work in Haiti.”

Furthermore, apart from opening a new market opportunity, HP also help prevent plastics from reaching the Caribbean Sea, combatting the ever-growing problem of ocean pollution.

HP has been committed to sourcing materials responsibly and treating all workers with respect for decades,” said Stuart Pann, HP Chief Supply Chain Officer. “Our work in Haiti enables us to reach the vulnerable collectors in Haiti and make their plastic part of our supply chain—which creates economic opportunities and a better quality of life for these families.”

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