Cartridge World Store Offers Free Printing rtmworld

Cartridge World Store Offers Free Printing During COVID-19

Cartridge World Store Offers Free Printing During COVID-19

According to the Atlanta Jewish Times, the owner of a local Cartridge World store is providing free printing to the community.

Cartridge World Store Offers Free Printing rtmworldBrian Oxman (pictured), owner of Cartridge World in Vinings and Buckhead, is using the current shutdown to formulate a new business model and offer compassion and relief to small businesses.

“I’m offering free printing for anyone working from home without a printer during these difficult times. An email went out to my customer list and condominium community stating that we are open and have solutions,” he said.

“During the pandemic, our overall business is off around 50 percent, and it has been a struggle. We are still getting some walk-ins and taking care of customers working from home. We will get by and continue to offer free printing.”

Oxman learned about small business operations at a young age. His late grandfather Buster Oxman owned and operated Allied Foods in Georgia. Dad Joe advised Brian to not necessarily pursue an MBA post-college (Arizona State). The elder Oxmans believed that it was better to gain hands-on experience than just study about operating a business.

CartridgeWorld Buckhead, Atlanta GA

The model that Brian Oxman uses is 90 percent business services to legal, accounting, and school offices. Fortunately for Oxman, through a random contact, he got linked into Atlanta’s lucrative production and film industry. “We have next day delivery at no charge and supply them with printers, cartridges, and also do printer repairs. Currently, most TV and movie sets are not at active production levels.” This is contributing to the loss of Oxman’s business.

For free printing, email Brian Oxman at and the document will be delivered to you. The company uses gloves handling documents and maintains all recommended precautions. The free printing is available to anyone at Oxman’s two locations. He asks that free print requests be limited to 10 pages each.



Have you found a hero like Brian Oxman who is unselfishly helping people stick at home during the coronavirus crisis? Does this story, Cartridge World Store Offers Free Printing During COVID-19, encourage you? Please add your comments below.

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