Philippine Authority Seeks Expansion of Printer Companies

To drive investment growth, the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) will meet with printer companies to discuss their expansion plan in the Philippines.

As was stated by Manila Standard Today (MST), PEZA expects investment growth to slow down to 8 percent in 2015 from 10 percent last year, due to the postponement of many expansion projects in 2014. To stimulate the investment growth, PEZA director general Lilia de Lima said electronics would continue to lead investment growth, accounting for about half of the total investments, while manufacturing would be another expansion area.

It is noted that PEZA signed three lease contracts with manufacturing companies and another with an information technology company. But Lima declined to disclose the names of these companies.

Also, it’s stated that Epson Philippines Corp. and another printer manufacturer will pursue expansion plans in 2015. Printer companies in 2014 postponed plans to bring in new products and expand the production of existing lines due to port and transport problems.

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