Royal Imaging Appoints Vice President for New Sales and Distribution Center

Royal Imaging International (Royal), the wholesale distribution of consumable office products based in Chatsworth, CA, appoints Sam Matheny as their new Senior Vice President to manage Royal’s new sales and distribution center, covering 30,000 square feet in East Coast of Buffalo, New York.

Sam Matheny, who is experienced with 24 years in the imaging industry, started his career in 1991 with LTI and has worked intensively in remanufacturing, product management and sales area. He is excited about his new position, “Royal Imaging has a long history of providing high quality products with the best customer service at prices that helps resellers grow their businesses. I’m very excited to be leading the team and look forward to being a part of Royal’s East Coast expansion.” According to Sam Matheny, the new East Coast distribution and sales facility will improve the business infrastructure in the entirely new market. Furthermore, the 30,000- square-foot warehouse is one of the most modern buildings in the industry.

Tom Ghyczy, Chief Executive Officer of Royal, warmly welcomes the new vice president, “We are very excited to have Sam join Royal as he comes to us with 24 years of experience in the imaging industry. Sam brings a wealth of experience and industry knowledge and will be an integral part of the new Royal Imaging East Coast sales and distribution center.”

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