Toshiba Tec Transfer Inkjet Head Business

Retail Inkjet Solutions Expands Service

Toshiba Tec Transfer Inkjet Head BusinessA store of Saturn, a Germany-based consumer electronics retail chain, is now offering Retail Inkjet Solutions (RIS) inkjet cartridge refill service.

Driven by the strong sales growth from last year’s initial offering at the Saturn location in Wuppertal, the Saturn store in Hilden, Germany joins in to offer the service.

According to, customers at these two locations can drop off their empty inkjet cartridges at the refill service area while shopping and have it refilled by a Saturn employee. The service will be done on a RIS proprietary InkCenter machine. The high-quality refill costs much lower comparing to that of a new replacement cartridge.

“We at RIS are thrilled to partner on a second location with Saturn. Their management team is passionate about customers receiving exceptional value every time they walk through their doors. As the prices of branded inkjet cartridges are continuously increasing, our refill service value proposition becomes even more compelling. We are confident that ink cartridge refilling will serve Saturn customers extremely well and will continue to be introduced at other locations,” said Vincent Hormovitis, Vice President Sales & Business Development at RIS.

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