European Paper Recycling Rate Beat 2015 Target

European Recovered Paper Council (ERPC) announced that the recycling rate in Europe surpassed 70% in 2015.

ERPC’s monitoring report says the amount of the recycled paper and board has climbed to 59 million tons, 1.5% up compared to the previous year. The collection included 9.4 million net tons bought by third countries, prominently China, for recycling.

The program, The European Declaration on Paper Recycling, was launched in 2000 by European umbrella organizations which represent the paper industry and recyclers. With voluntary commitment, the project is carried out in countries covering 28 EU member states along with Norway and Sweden.

According to EUWID, the organization’s recycling rate in 2015 reached 71.5%, which is an increase of nearly 1 million tons compared to 2010.

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