More Efficient Technology to Detect Anaphylaxis Invented

A group of European researchers has developed a project to improve the situation of people who are suffering from anaphylaxis with the latest technology.

The anaphylaxis has caused 500 to 1,000 deaths per year in the United States, 20 deaths per year in the United Kingdom, and 15 deaths per year in Australia.

According to, the present in-vitro allergy detection technology will cost anaphylaxis patients more than 3 hours and €30 ($32.8) per allergen. The researchers have developed a kind of detector to examine a tiny plasma sample from the patient’s blood within half an hour and at a low cost of €2.40($2.62) per allergen.

The detection technology works by scanning a cartridge, read similar to a disc, which contains pre-loaded Beta Lactam reagents with a laser. The intensity of the signal that the laser detects from the patient’s blood sample is related to the patient’s levels of hypersensitivity.

This technology is able to detect a greater number of samples on each disc by testing different drugs in different compartments of the cartridge, which will also avoid contamination.

For the above reasons, the whole system of the detection technology is a hundred times more efficient than previous technologies.

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