Ninestar Safeguards its Patent Rights Again rtmworld

Ninestar Safeguards its Patent Rights Again

Ninestar Safeguards its Patent Rights Again rtmworldNinestar Safeguards its Patent Rights Again

According to a statement sent to RT Media by G&G, a subsidiary of the Ninestar Group, a series of legal actions in China and Japan have been wrapped up in favor of Ninestar.

Back on October 17, 2018, Ninestar sued Yuzhe Company which is based in Zhongshan over the infringement of its inkjet cartridge patents. The case resulted in a complex series of investigations and “confrontations” in China and Japan.

Ninestar’s legal department has advised a comprehensive settlement has finally been reached on both sides. “Zhongshan Yuzhe has fully acknowledged the validity of Ninestar’s related patents and admitted that a series of its products infringed several of Ninestar’s patents in China and Japan.”  Zhongshan Yuzhe has agreed to pay Ninestar an undisclosed amount of damages.

As a leader in intellectual property rights, Ninestar claims it has invested heavily in R&D and technological innovation. On this basis, it has developed and accumulated a hard-won patent portfolio.

This is not the first time Ninestar has had to defend its intellectual property rights and proactively sustain order within the industry. Over recent years it has spared no effort to defend these rights. Having wrapped up this latest victory lately, Ninestar says it is in a determined position to confidently maintain its intellectual property rights around the globe.


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