Final Winner to Receive G&G Ninestar Cartridges for a Year

Final Winner to Receive G&G Ninestar Cartridges for a Year

Final Winner to Receive G&G Ninestar Cartridges for a Year

Final Winner to Receive G&G Ninestar Cartridges for a YearFollowing the announcement of the first and second winners of a year’s supply of free G&G branded cartridges for a year, Ninestar’s G&G brand has revealed a third and final winner.

The Faculty of Medicine, a time-honoured faculty of Istanbul University in Turkey, was named the final winner of G&G cartridges for a full year. A local distributor who has been with G&G since 2016 notified the staff at the Faculty of Medicine. They will receive high-quality replacement HP CE505XX, HP CE285A and HP Q2612A cartridges for free for a year.

“Thanks, G&G for being with us in these difficult times. These consumables will be a great help for us during the next one year, and we will give the company our useful feedback of the printing experience,” said Dr Ahmet, a prestigious professor in the faculty.

Joewan Salihi was the first winner of its Chief Printing Officer (CPO) project launched back in June 2020. He is the Creative Director of Jox Creative Studio from Berlin, Germany. The second winner of the CPO project was Jesaeng Hospital, a well-renowned medical center located in Seoul, South Korea.

G&G received more than 200 applications from across the world for its CPO project between June 9 to June 27, 2020, as part of the company’s 20th birthday celebrations.

G&G claims it is constantly looking to improve its products and understand customer`s requirements and expectations. The CPO project is believed not only to excite and engage users but also helps G&G to improve functionalities, print quality and user experience. Its CPO project was set up to engage with end-users in an attempt to improve product quality and to better understand the expectations, user experience and requirements.

Ninestar-G&G’s Media Specialist Ruby Wei told RT Media, “Even though any individual, organization or company was able to apply for this competition, all of us at G&G are thrilled the cartridges will go to this winner which is on the front line fighting the virus.” She added, “By collecting feedback from all the CPOs, we will be able to improve our products and provide effective solutions for vertical customers.”



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