Recycling Factory Raises Funds for Combat Stress, a Military Charity in the UK

The UK military charity, Combat Stress, announced it has partnered with Recycling Factory, one of the industry’s largest UK recycling companies, to raise funds for military veterans. Funds will be raised through the recycling of unwanted ink and toner cartridges, mobile phones and electronic gadgets.

According to Combat Stress, all materials, including freepost recycling envelopes and collection boxes, are completely free of charge. Also, a free collection will be arranged once the box is full. The Recycling Factory will be responsible for collecting and recycling those recyclable items.

Further, Combat Stress revealed it receives up to £3.50 for every recyclable inkjet and toner cartridge and up to £30 for every mobile phone and electronic gadget that can be successfully recycled.

The Recycling Factory claims it collects and recycles over 8 million inkjet and toner cartridges and mobile phones each year. Meanwhile, Combat Stress founded in 1919, said it aims to ensure that “Veterans receive the right mental health care, in the right place, at the right time”.

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