HP Sues Chip Developer for Stealing Codes

On June 23rd, HP filed against Datel Holdings Ltd. in California federal court, alleging the latter has stolen the master-key security codes in the chips used in HP ink cartridges.

According to Wirth Consulting, Law360 reported that Datel, whose subsidiaries design and develop printer cartridge chips, “cracked the security used by HP’s ink-cartridge microchips, and then shared the codes with other ink-cartridge clone manufacturers.”  Also, HP is seeking $30 million for compensation from Datel and “preliminary and permanent injunctive relief, blocking Datel and its subsidiaries from further manufacturing or selling chips for printer cartridges that work in HP printers”.

It was noted that HP uses the master-key codes in chips for use in its ink cartridge and printer, enabling the ink cartridge to communicate with the printer and to be accepted by the printer. In this way, HP printer could authenticate whether the cartridge is the original one and prevent illegal ink cartridges.

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