Print-Rite Pelikan Adds New Range Inkjet Cartridges

Print-Rite Pelikan Adds New Range Inkjet Cartridges

Print-Rite Pelikan Adds New Range Inkjet Cartridges

Print-Rite Pelikan Adds New Range Inkjet CartridgesPrint-Rite Pelikan Solutions (PRPS) has added a new line of multi-pack replacement inkjet cartridges under the Pelikan Brand. This will help tackle the increase in demand for inkjet cartridges since this pandemic started, due to the expansion of more people working from Home.

According to Steve Weedon (pictured), the Chief Executive of Print-Rite Pelikan Europe, one of the great features about this new range is that they are available in a new slimline pack. “This makes them a lot easier to get out to those customers now working from home as the pack fits through the letterbox,” he said. “This new multi-pack range includes replacement Pelikan cartridges for the popular HP 304XL and the Epson 29XL. There are a total of 40 multi-packs featured in this launch which are now available to order and ship.”

PRPS claims its inkjet cartridges offer a clever alternative to expensive OEM cartridges and are known for their highest quality at an unbeatable price/performance ratio. Pelikan ink is wipe-resistant for smudge-free and streak-free printing, giving you professional-looking documents first time, every time.

Weedon said, “With these Pelikan branded inkjet cartridges you can earn points each time you purchase, along with all Pelikan branded products, those loyalty points can then be claimed and used to purchase a wide variety of gifts and benefits from the Pelikan brand Rewards Club online catalogue. Why not join thousands of other businesses and organisations across Europe who are already earning points. To find out more or to register free of charge and claim your 200 bonus reward points visit”

The Pelikan brand delivers high quality and high levels of brand recognition with end-users and dealers across Western Europe, the Americas, and several other major regions. The brand itself was established in 1838, as the oldest trademark in the world, and has become synonymous with reliability, dependability, and trustworthiness. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the Print-Rite group has established itself as the top tier manufacturer of remanufactured and patent-safe compatible imaging products for copier, laser, inkjet, ribbons and imaging component parts. The brand is unique in that it has instant end-user recognition and has a passionate following.

Pelikan’s objective is for its brand of imaging consumables to grow globally.  The Pelikan brand offers a new and different approach where dealers can increase their average selling prices, make more cash profit and get rewarded with all kinds of bonuses, rebates and of course, Reward Points as they grow. in the same way as it does with OEMs.

Netherlands-based Reinder Dijkstra (pictured), Senior Executive Large Accounts at PRPS told RT Media the launch features new inkjets that are in the top 10 fast movers in the HP range.

Further information about the new range of replacement Pelikan inkjet cartridges is available for Brother LC1100, Brother LC1000, Brother LC970. Epson T0556, Epson T0615, Epson T0445, Epson 24XL, Epson 29XL. HP 301XL, HP 302XL and HP 304XL.

Resellers wanting to know how they can get onboard should email Reinder Dijkstra (pictured) requesting more information.



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