Excellent Material Revealing in the Show

New technologies and materials were on show at RemaxWorld Expo, much to the delight of visitors who had mainly come to look for printing consumables solutions.

A first time exhibitor at the fair that attracted lots of attention was Tianjin Synthetic Material Research Institute Co., Ltd. (TSMRI) with its high-quality toner. TSMRI focuses on high polymer materials, fine chemicals and technical services covering toner binder resins, biomedical materials, vehicle, electronic, construction and military industrial chemicals.

Toner binder resins make up more than 50% of the company’s sales and this has set TSMRI on the course to develop a new process for a ten thousand tonnage toner binder.

A TSMRI spokesman told RT Media,” our production capacity of toner binder resin is up to 12,000 tons.” “This technology keeps gives us a good reputation and keeps us in a leading role in the toner resin market,” he added.

Another first time exhibitor displaying high technology was Miyu New Material (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 

The company is a modern high-tech enterprise specializing in the production and management of toner polyester resin, amino acid surfactants, solvents and other products.

According to Miyu, the polyester resin series has been recognized by many toner factories in China. “We always adhere to the principle of quality first, reputation first, in order to provide our customers with quality products and services,” Rager Jin of Miyu said.

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