11th Print-Rite Patent Award Ceremony Held in 2017 Zhuhai RemaxWorld Expo

The 11th Zhuhai RemaxWorld Expo was held along with the 11th Award Ceremony of Print-Rite’s innovative design and patent competition in Zhuhai International Expo Center on Oct. 12. This award ceremony has attracted bountiful industry attendees and expo visitors.

According to Print-Rite, this competition had received over 600 patent works, including those from both personal registration and expert recommendation. The evaluation criteria of patent works are “open, equality and justness”. Three patent works have won awards, namely “the Best Patent Design Award, the Best Innovation Award and the Golden Patent Award”. The winner of the Golden Patent Award goes to the research team from South China University of Technology.

Print-Rite has held the innovative design and patent competition since 2007. During the past decade, the patent number in printing consumable industry has increased by around ten folds. This competition has discovered many talents and works for the industry in decades. Not only the consciousness of intellectual property(IP) but also the self-innovative capability in the printing consumable industry have increased since the establishment of this competition. It is also known as the “Academy Awards” in this industry.

Print-Rite reveals that the competition this year aims at continuously promoting the transformation and upgrade of printing consumables industry, such as exploring the new developing direction and application of 3D printing technologies.

Zhang Tao, the deputy general manager of Print-Rite Management Co., Ltd states, “The industry of printing consumables in Zhuhai is experiencing transformation and upgrade, leaping forward from the level of quantity to quality. Print-Rite patent award always regards ‘patent innovation’ as its theme. In latest years, many GEOs were released on the basis of the U.S. 337 investigation cases, which drove the industry of printing consumables facing greater challenges. We need to uphold innovation to maintain virtuous development of the industry. This is the developing road that we have marched along for many years and it is also our original purpose to hold the Print-Rite patent competition.”

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