Apex Releases Replacement Chips for Use in CF217 Cartridges

Apex Microelectronics has released replacement chips for use in CF217 cartridges, used in this line of printers on the first day of the 11th Remaxworld expo which is held in Zhuhai on Oct 12-14.

According to Apex, the new replacement chips feature:

  • SoC design with stable performance
  • OEM-compatible size
  • Identified as non-OEM cartridge in printer

Apex claims the CF217 series chips to be the highest level chip technology among the cartridge chips, which identified as the high-precision integrated circuit chips that integrate with the high speed CPU and ASIC. Apex SoC-design-chips have mastered the independent design of 32-bit RSIC structure, as well as with the previous technology of ASIC design, can meet the requirements of OEM chips in the algorithm of inner logic module and the time sequence.

Samples will be available soon for these chips, which will offer stable performance and SoC design. Small quantities of products will be available in November, 2017.

For more information, please visit : unismart3.apexmic.com


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