Aftermarket Seminar Held in Bulgaria

One of the largest suppliers of printer cartridge components in the imaging industry has held a seminar in Bulgaria with the support of its two local official resellers.

While attendees mainly came from the Balkan nation, some came from other countries as well, according to Static Control. The seminars were free of charge for all Static Control customers.

The topics focused on component supply solutions for laser and ink cartridges, MPS, OEM updates, and a technical session about solving printing defects.

Alejandro Casillas, the Technical Support Specialist of Static Control said, “This was an opportunity for us to not only impart new information, but also to learn how these remanufacturers work and find ways we can help them to improve their existing processes.”

Other guest speakers including the Secretary General of ETIRA, Vincent Van Dijk, attended the seminar.

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