UniNet Launches Smartchips for Lexmark Units

Originally published at ENXmagazine.

UniNet Unveils Smartchips Featuring MPS Jumbo Yield for Use in Lexmark Units

UniNet introduces Smartchips featuring MPS Jumbo Yield for use in Lexmark C/X 548, 546, 544, 543, 540 / E 460, 360, 260, X 466, 464, 463 / T/X 658, 656, 654, 652, 650 color and monochrome engine cartridges, as ENXmagazine reports.

The Smartchips featuring MPS Jumbo Yield deliver high performance and reliability while providing much higher yield resulting in substantial savings in cost per page.

These MPS Jumbo Yield smartchips are highly recommended for MPS providers and are geared to support MPS businesses in delivering optimum performance, to dramatically increase their profit margins by significantly decreasing their cost per page.

For further information, please visit the company’s website.

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