Save Your Ink Usage on Your DeskJet

Save Your Ink Usage on Your DeskJet

Save Your Ink Usage on Your DeskJet

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Many customers had complained that the printing consumables cost them an arm and a leg. Especially for the users of inkjet printers, the printer is never the most expensive one. The printing consumable is. To this end, Topjet offers savvy cost-saving tactics which can help to save more ink and improve efficiency.

Save Your Ink Usage on Your DeskJet

  1. Lower Your Inkjet Print Resolution

The thermal inkjet printer is in the time of high-speed development, it is able to print at a very high resolution of up to 600 dpi and more. However, it is not very necessary for every usage. Barcodes and data matrix codes usually have to be high-resolution while many other applications do not have to do it in the same way. A lower dot density is able to fit in most of the applications.

What to do then?? Test which print quality is sufficient for you! The lower the resolution of the printed image, the lower the ink consumption.

Save Your Ink Usage on Your DeskJet

  1. Choose a Less Ink Intensive Font

It really matters what the font is. A saving potential font could save up to 75%! For SMB, SMEs, and those printing large documents, ink usage will change a lot for printing different fonts in the long run. Change your font to Century Gothic, San-serifs and light font-weights would help to save. On the other hand, Arial is one of the most popular fonts using 27% more ink than Calibri, Century Gothic, or the classic Times New Roman.

Save Your Ink Usage on Your DeskJet


  1. Review Before You Print

Believe it or not, most of the waste is due to human errors. For example, find the minor mistakes after printing; change your mind after printing. We highly encourage you to double-check before you print your documents out. Do not miss the minor errors, and make sure you will not change your mind before printing. A simple review will help to save a lot.

  1. Print in Black and White

There are usually 3-4 cartridges in your inkjet printer (BK, C, M, Y). Print in black and white when you don’t really need other colors. It helps to eliminate any work going through your other three or more cartridges while saving the uneven run-down which leads to an unnecessary stockpile of odd colors.

Save Your Ink Usage on Your DeskJet

  1. Protect the Printheads

Do not keep an open ink cartridge idle for a long period. Otherwise, the inkjet printhead will dry out or become clogged with dust. The printing quality will be reduced and the cartridges may need to be replaced. Keep the ink cartridges covered during downtime and do not idle them for a long time.

Save Your Ink Usage on Your DeskJet

  1. Shop for Ink and Toner Cartridges with Topjet!

We have good quality products, reasonable price, perfect service and full of variety. Topjet specializes in producing all ranges of toner cartridges, inkjet cartridges, and bulk ink. If you are wondering about a better way to save your costs, do not hesitate to contact us for more information! Every little cost means a lot in long run.

Save Your Ink Usage on Your DeskJet



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