Indian Aftermarket Angry Over Imported China Toner Duties

Indian Aftermarket Angry Over Imported China Toner Duties

Indian Aftermarket Angry Over Imported China Toner Duties

Indian Aftermarket Angry Over Imported China Toner DutiesA number of Indian businessmen have reacted angrily to the proposed duty that will be added to toners imported from China.

They have written to RT Media stating a number of reasons for their frustration and anger. RT Media published the news of the Indian Toner Wars in March and the Plans to Add Duties in June, 2020.


The Indian government’s Commerce Ministry requested its investigation arm, the Directorate General of Trade Remedies (DGTR) to examine whether toner imports are being dumped into India at low prices.

A complaint was filed in February by domestic toner manufacturers Pure Toners and Developers, and Indian Toners and Developers. Following the investigation, the DGTR recommended an anti-dumping duty be placed on powdered, black toner used in printers and photocopiers from China, Malaysia and Chinese Taiwan to guard domestic manufacturers from the cheap imports. The 25-page report is publicly available. “The authority recommends imposition of a provisional anti-dumping duty equal to the lesser of the margin of dumping and the margin of injury, so as to remove the injury to the domestic industry,” the DGTR stated in an official statement.

The duty recommended will be in the range between US$196 and US$1,686 per tonne. The Finance Ministry will make the final decision on the duty levy. The imposition of anti-dumping duty is permissible by the World Trade Organization (WTO) to ensuring fair trading practices and creating a level-playing field between domestic producers and foreign producers and exporters.


“The timing of the investigation and the decision has occurred very quickly in the middle of the coronavirus lockdown,” one businessman wrote. “The issue was raised with the importers’ group, but it was missed or taken lightly given the other priorities that were impacting our businesses since March.”

Another laid the blame with the manufacturers (Chinese and Malaysian exporters) as well as the Indian importers who have not taken the matter seriously. “No one has filed a satisfactory reply to the original letter so the preliminary investigation has favored the local manufacturers ITDL and PTDL.” He added, “It is a matter of great concern and we need to act together in order to stop this anti-dumping law on toner.”

Indian businessmen have explained to RT Media that the preliminary investigations are not on the basis of the complete facts. “Additional duty on toners will result in increased prices and will force thousands of refillers to shut their businesses as customers will shift to new-build compatible toner cartridges which will are not affected by the duties and will become more competitive. Local jobs will be lost.”

Another said, “Consistency is the main reason locals choose imported toner rather than from our local manufacturer.” He went on to explain that the local manufacturers also import toners from China and Malaysia. “our local manufacturers ITDL and PTDL, are exporting the same black toner in the same price range, so there is no question of disturbance to them from the imports of these toners from China, Malaysia and Taiwan.” And yet another adds, “The Indian factories are not capable of manufacturing Kyocera, Konica, Brother, Samsung polyesters and toners. They can do manufacture compatible HP series of toners which is often inconsistent,”

One businessman has urged RT Media to help call importers to form a consortium to fight this anti-dumping tax. “We need help from print and social media to create awareness about this issue, before its too late.” yet another calls for support from the major manufacturer exporters. “We need the exporters to present a case and to prove that the prices they are offering to Indian importers are standardised and not cheap.”

“We should come together as a bunch to fight this.”



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