Billings Ink & Toner Fight to Keep up with Industry Changes

Selena Wang, owner of Billings Ink & Toner, shared her personal experience of recently going independent with Billings Ink & Toner prides itself on providing excellent customer service and are passionate to save customers from the high costs of brand-name printer inks. However, according to Wang, this is not the most difficult part of the job: “The other ongoing challenge is keeping up with the rapid and ever-changing technology in this industry. New printers are always coming out, and the cartridges change as well. This leaves many people frustrated when they can’t find the right cartridges.”

Wang explained how her company prevents customers from these feelings of frustration: “We make printer recommendations for our customers. Since we do not sell printers, these are recommendations are based only on the customer’s needs and preferences. We do the research so the customer does not have to.

She added, “Honesty and integrity will take you further than a quick sell of product or service. So remember, building long-term relationships with your customers will make you a value to them, not just someone who wants to sell something. Treat your employees the way you want to be treated. Work with your employees instead of just giving orders.”

This just another example of the many steps companies have to take to ensure they keep up with the lightning changes of the printing industry.

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