China Will Emerge Stronger Post-coronavirus

China Will Emerge Stronger Post-coronavirus

A Shanghai-based “mover and shaker” claims China will emerge from the coronavirus crisis stronger than ever before.

Fionn Wright rtmworld

Fionn Wright has been named by City Weekend Magazine as one of the “11 Most Influential Movers & Shakers in Shanghai.”

Fionn Wright  (pictured) says, “The virus is hitting China’s economy hard, but this is likely to be only temporary.”

Dubbed by City Weekend Magazine as one of the “11 Most Influential Movers & Shakers in Shanghai” for the impact of his coaching and TV appearances, he has gone onto social media saying China’s immune system is fighting back. “In China, you can see hospitals built in record time,  a completely locked down city and most importantly the entire nation uniting as one voice of support and solidarity.”

Wright agreed his LinkedIn post could be republished by RT Media in full. He lists ten reasons why China will emerge from the crisis stronger than before. “What doesn’t break you only makes you stronger, and the Chinese people are resilient and will find ways to rise out of this crisis, likely coming back even stronger than before. How long that will take no-one yet knows, but the Chinese spirit is not even close to being broken, and we’ve seen how Chinese ingenuity in a time of crisis has led to entirely new operating models.”

According to Wright, some industries are already booming, “from medical to online education to food delivery. The altered ecosystem during the crisis is forcing people to find new ways of accessing what they need.”

Despite the short term effects on many industries across China,” he adds, “it is unlikely to have a long-term destabilizing impact on China’s economy, which is already in the midst of a major adjustment, and this event will in many ways accelerate the pace of adjustment towards adaptability and resilience.”

Read Fionn Wright’s full article here.

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