Manufacturers and Suppliers Exhausted Following 72-day Ordeal

Manufacturers and Suppliers Exhausted Following 72-day Ordeal

Manufacturers and Suppliers Exhausted Following 72-day Ordeal

Manufacturers and Suppliers Exhausted Following 72-day OrdealOver 50 manufacturers and suppliers of printers, copiers, and imaging supplies have returned home after a gruelling 72-day round-the-world series of events and meetings with hundreds of importers, distributors, and big buyers.

The last stop in Sao Paulo, Brazil, capped off the marathon event, which was held in six countries in Africa, the Middle East, and South America. A total of 1,109 participants conducted business at the six events.

The one-day event in Sao Paulo saw 161 big buyers from 93 companies in three countries attend the largest exhibition in Brazil for more than seven years. Brazil has been one of the largest global markets for printers and imaging supplies. Exhibitors came from China, the USA, Brazil, and South Korea.

“We have come to the end of the road here with this sixth event in Sao Paulo for 2024,” said Gustavo Molinatti, the Comexposium Recycling Times (C-RT) international event manager. “Big buyers from ten countries in South America attended one of the three events. These countries were Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Paraguay and Brazil.”

The Novotel Center Norte venue provided world-class food and beverages for the one-day event, with a cocktail function held at the end of the day—all on the expo floor. “It provided a very comfortable environment in which to do business,” said Molinatti. “With all the handshaking and taking of photo selfies, there is no doubt that there was a lot of business being done between buyers and suppliers.”

During the evening cocktails on the floor of the expo, a “Best Service Award” was presented to Vladimir Bossoni (pictured below left) from Tecnotoner, and an “Industry Leader Award” was given to Rodolfo Villas Boas (pictured below centre). The winner of the free accommodation at RemaxWorld lucky draw was Fausto Ribeiro (pictured below right) from Novimpress.

“Despite being in a new city every 12 days,” said David Gibbons, CRT’s International Director of Events and Communication, “the exhibitors have come to me asking where we will go in 2025. Yes. We will do it all again in 2025, focusing on three new city locations in Africa and the Middle East, as well as three more in Asia Pacific.”

Visitors told event organizers that this regional event was an excellent precursor to the RemaxWorld Expo in Zhuhai, China, in October and allowed them to start discussions with new suppliers that could be followed through four months later.

Manufacturers and Suppliers Exhausted Following 72-day Ordeal



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